Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sexploitation of Children in America

Over 100,000 children are victimized by commercial sexual exploitation in the U.S. alone.  San Francisco is a mecca for human traffickers because of high demand of both sexes and easy access for their market.  Younger girls and boys are preferred.  The average age for entering this sexploitation market pool is approaching 12 years old.

Summertime is especially lucrative for traffickers, with many youth fending for  themselves on the streets.  Runaway children are particularly vulnerable for sex trafficking.  Children who have run away multiple times are at highest risk.  An estimated 33% of them are lured to prostitution within the first 48 hours of leaving home.

San Francisco is a  center city which is often reputed for its international flavor and its beauty.  Any big city is dangerous, with our neighbor seen as a better market.  With bus lines from the North Bay it is a simple step for young children to naively explore the dark side in running awy in a plea for independence.  Strangers forcing survival as luck makes tempting  targets out of our own North Bay children in the sexual human trafficking industry.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eye Investigate Missing Children A Non-Profit Organization

May 22, 2011

Eye Investigate Missing Children - A Non-Profit Organization
The Mission of Monique Lessan, M.F.S
By Corinne Bell

On any given day in the U.S., approximately 2,200 children go missing; that's one child every 40 seconds, or 800,000 every year! And that is just in America.  World-wide, the numbers are even more staggering. When you compare the number of children born with the number of children who go missing in recent years, you begin to see just how mind-boggling this number truly is: In 2009, it was estimated that there were 4,136,000 births; which means almost one out of every five children born in this country could potentially turn up missing every single year.  What is even more astounding is that 65% of missing children will never be found... sadly, they will be killed within the first 72 hours.  So, what happens to the other 35%?  A little over 12% of children, who are lucky enough to be spared, if you can call it lucky, eventually find themselves falling prey to Human Trafficking.

This is where Monique Lessan comes in with her vision of making the world a safer place for our children.  In 2008, Lessan began to turn the focus of her private investigation firm, Eye Investigate, toward putting an end to this heinous activity by starting an almost one-woman campaign.  Her mission is to not only help find the missing children and return them to their loved ones, but also educate the public of what happens to the other 12% of 'missing children.' She is deeply passionate about education; most importantly the very demographic most exploited by Human Traffickers - children and  teenagers - about the dangers and realities of Human and Sex Trafficking.  In the past 3 years, Lessan has been holding seminars in schools, producing videos, appearing on television programs and talk radio shows to get the word out as she continues her work in this unique and rewarding field. 

A seasoned veteran in international investigations, Ms. Lessan has been instrumental in locating and recovering abducted and runaway children worldwide, extracting many of them from the grips of the dark underworld of human sex-traffickers.  As shocking as the statistics are, what is probably the most heartbreaking is that the larger portion of these kids are from families who are too poor to pay for the services of a professional Private Investigator.  This leaves many parents to rely on the dwindling resources, not to mention the overwhelming case-loads, of local law-enforcement, the FBI, and in some cases the social workers for The State.  Lessan offers not only hope, she delivers results, as can be seen throughout her 17-years as a Private Investigator; and the many National appointments and commendations she has received. For more information on her extensive background visit this website:

Most recently, facing the realities of conducting her work in an ever-decreasing economy (while the number of children and teens caught in the web of human trafficking continues to rise exponentially), Lessan knew it was time to set up a Non-Profit Organization she had been envisioning for the past year or so. The creation of "EYE INVESTIGATE MISSING CHILDREN" (dba "Teens Against Human Trafficking") will allow Lessan to offer her services at NO COST to low-income families of missing kids who probably would never be able to afford the chance to utilize her expertise.  Ms. Lessan states, "By creating a Non-Profit Organization, I can finally begin to help the loved ones of missing children who would otherwise not have the resources to hire a private investigator.  This is a dream I've had for a long time and now to see it take shape is so rewarding!"

Eye Investigate Missing Children a Non-Profit Organization 501(c)
Now accepting individual monetary DONATIONS from supportive people and groups; and holding FUNDRAISING events  so as to raise the financial support to cover the costs associated with the investigation, locating and returning of missing and exploited children/teens caught in the tangled web of these ruthless predators for low-income families.  Will YOU be the first to HELP?

FIRST FUNDRAISER: On August 30th, EIMC will be one of the sponsors at "Tuesdays on the Plaza" in Healdsburg, California.  Music provided by Charlie Musselwhite, Blues-Harp Legend (6-8PM)  Please be sure to stop by the Eye Investigate Missing Children booth to learn more about how you can support EIMC's very important mission. Monique Lessan and other spokespersons will be there to answer your specific questions and to provide more information to the general public. 

While your there be sure to buy a raffle ticket; YOU could win a 'discovery flight' offered by Dragonfly Aviation, in a single engine sport plane which includes a free flight lesson; all while you fly above the beautiful wine country and scenic coastline of Sonoma County! Prize worth $100! 

If you are interested in becoming involved in supporting this cause by helping in any way you can, please contact Monique Lessan directly at: 
(707) 395-0215.

Our CHILDREN are the FUTURE...Please give generously to help stop the abduction and abuse done to these innocent beings...Let's work to bring these missing children/teens home again!